Best $200 gaming pc build

Creating a gaming pc for $200 may look like an impossible mission for some of you, but it’s doable. However, don’t expect at anything fancy with this one.

Personally, I’d recommend adding an extra $100, and go for the $300 build. I know, it’s 50% more than the original budget, however, it’s well worth it.


RAMCrucial 2GBx2
MotherboardGigabyte FM2+
PSUApevia 450w
CaseRosewill FBM-X1

You probably noticed that we haven’t included a graphic card in the chart. That’s because we don’t need it, or better said we can’t afford it. Still, there’s no problem as the processor listed above is an APU. An APU has an integrated graphic card which will suffice for light gaming.

One main drawback to this build, is the future proofness. Why? Because it has a closed upgrade path, meaning that you’re bond with this processor/motherboad, and you’d have to replace both of them to be able to buy something stronger. Not trying to discourage, just making a point.

Discussing the build

Graphic card- You may think thdn’t be more wrong. True, you’re not supposed to play anything with fancy graphics, but on low-mid settings, you should be fine. Remember though that for higher titles you should plat since it’s integrated, its power is disguistingly low and you coulay only at low resolutions like 720p.

Processor- I can’t say that I’m a huge fan of AMD, but you can’t deny the value this tiny APU offers. Having both a processor and graphic card in such a small chip it’s pretty awesome.

Memory Ram- We can only afford 4gb of ram. Notice one thing here. I’ve added 2x2gb and not a single 4gb stick. Why? It’s because of the dual channel feature. When 2 ram work together, the memory speed is doubled. Since the integrated graphic card relies on our main memory ram, the speed is a very important feature.

Power Supply- This one is not the typical trustable brand, but since there’re many positive reviews from customers, I was thinking why wouldn’t I pick this one since it’s almost half the price from the cheapest EVGA model.

Motherboard- One of the cheapest that I could find. I don’t see any reason though why wouldn’t you get it over a more expensive one. After all, most of the time, the more expensive one has only extra perks that are unnecessary for what we need right now.

Putting the pieces together

You can watch this tutorial which is not very long, so you won’t get tired. The guy explains pretty well how to add all the components, and bring your rig to life. I personally don’t consider getting a anti-static band mandatory, but it wouldn’t hurt if you’d get one.


You should have a fully functional light gaming unit which will serve you quite well for some time. Have any questions? Feel free to drop them below. Good luck.

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