$300 dollar gaming pc

Creating a rig capable of good gaming for only $300 is definitely doable.

The only downside would be that you’d have to build it by yourself. However, that’s not a real problem as forging it on your own, will give you a huge sense of accomplishment.


Not everyone has a budget for a high gaming pc, but that doesn’t mean that those people are out of options, even if they are on a tight budget.

With $300 you can build a mid-quality gaming killer, even though I have to agree that you may lag in some games due to the low power of CPU(we will talk about it later).

With that said, please allow me to present my beauty.

Let’s discuss the build

For this budget I was able to forge a dual core computer with 8gb of ram, a powerful gtx 1050 along with 320gb of storage(that’s the limit on this budget, unfortunately)

Computer Case

There’s nothing in the market that can beat this Rosewill FBM-01 case in term of pricing.

You won’t be able to make a great wire management and it’s quite flimsy, but the advantages beat the disavantages.


Power Supply

Evga makes quality products, and this not an exception. 430w is enough to power this little beast and you can still have room for external devices/minor upgrades.


Affordable, supports both the 6th and 7th generation of intel processors along with the fresg DDR4.


These days you need at least 8gb of ram for optimal functioning.

With only 4gb of ram, your gaming in many titles will struggle due to stuttering(I’ll get into detail below -> See 4gb + g4560 VS 8gb+G4400 section.)

Graphic Card

The quintesence of any gaming pc. You can say that a GPU is the Bo$$ or CEO, and all the other components work for it.

RX 460 VS GTX 1050

These two are the major picks in this price range. Some people will tell you to get RX 460, others GTX 1050; it depens on the price.

Do they cost the same? Then get gtx 1050 without any doubts. Is RX460 cheaper by at least $10-15? Consider getting it.

For this build,however, I’ve picked the GTX 1050, because on Amazon it’s cheaper than RX460 right now.

Hard Disk

Why only a 320gb of storage and not 1TB you may think to yourself?

Storage has the least impact when it comes about gaming(even worse than a case, as a better case can provide better airflow ->better temperatures).


A G4400 can do a great job at playing games even though I have to agree that with only 2 cores, you’ll stutter(frame drops) occasionally.

Another alternative would be the G3258 CPU which btw can be OverClocked, but you’ll have to bother with OC settings and I think it’s just extra hassle, so we’ll stick with this one.

Practical examples

G4400+8gb VS G4560+4gb

G4560 is basically an i3 disguised as a Pentium and it has a big value/cost ratio.

However, if we want to get it, then we won’t be able to afford 8gb of ram. In both cases, our games will stutter but I see more consistent stuttering in the lack of RAM compared to the lack of a quad core CPU.

What actually convinced me to pick this combo was that if you get a “skylake” motherboard, then you run at the risk to not get the latest BIOS so you’ll have to RMA your motherboard and uuuh, more hassle.

So the best safest safe it seems to be the G4400 and 8gb of ram pack.

Putting all the pieces together

I suck at explaining how to properly do this job, but I’m sure the video below will do a greater job than me.(Getting that anti-static is not mandatory althought it wouldn’t hurt, either).

Extra perks


And that’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed reading my (hopefully) guide and if you have any questions, or if you want to criticize my build, feel free(no flame please).

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