$400 gaming pc build, you won’t find better value

For $400 you can forge quite a beauty. Don’t be fooled by the price, as you can attain a pretty good perfomance in your desired titles.

Prices vary on a regular basis, so expect paying more than $20-30 above the original budget.


Cheap, reliable build. We have a GTX1050, 8gb of ram in dual channel, and an i3 marketed as Pentium. What else do you want? Ok. I agree that for the monies spent, you could’ve afforded the TI model, but due to the massive increase in prices , we can only afford this now.


Let’s discuss the build!

Graphic card- The GTX 1050 is a powerful entry level GPU. Being entry doesn’t make it bad or weak. In fact, you can easily attain good FPS in the most popular titles considering that you play at 1080p mid to high settings.

Processor- This processor is an i3. Period. Sure, it’s labelled as a Pentium, but that’s just marketing. Spending almost double on a i3 when there’s a similar processor for half the cost, is just not cool.

RAM- I’ve chosen 2x4gb and not a single stick for a reason: the redunancy, meaning that if one of a chip breaks, you still have an extra one until you’ll replace it. The second reason is the dual-channel; some people say that dual channel is not useful if you have a dedicated GPU. Well, I disagree.

Power Supply- 450B model from EVGA delivers enough power for us, and it also has room for later upgrades.

Motherboard- B250 model that supports the newest intel kabylake processors. Normally I’d choose the H110 model(for skylake CPUs) as it’s much cheaper, but I’m worried about BIOS update. If that motherboard doesn’t come with BIOS updated, you’ll have to RMA it, or find someone with a skylake processor, so we will stick to this one.

Case- I really like the Rosewill cases. Why? They offer a pretty good value for their price.

HDD- I’ve chosen the Western Digital 320gb. Only that much, you’re asking yourself. Check below…

Why so little HDD storage?

Normally you’d want to get a 1TB storage which by the way it’s the standard nowadays. However, when you have a limited budget, you really want to be sure that you actually spend those monies in the most effective way.

Having a bigger space, won’t affect in any way your gaming performance. So we take those $20-30 and spend them on something more important, like more RAM, a better GPU, or a stronger CPU. Hope I’ve cleared your doubts.

Bring it to life!


There’s no need to create a tutorial by myself when there are so many available online. One of them is the one below which in my opinion looks pretty solid. Take a look at it.


That’s it for today. I don’t think I missed anything. So now you have all “the ingredients” to create a gaming pc when you have a budget of $400. Have any doubts? Feel free to drop them below.

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