400 dollar gaming pc

I succesfully managed to create a $400 gaming pc which can effectively play at mid-high settings, and I’m going to show you step-by-step how to create it by yourself. So keep reading…


Cheap pc with great gaming capabilities; you can pretty much throw anything at him and you won’t be dissapointed (mid-high settings of course).

Although you’ll have to spend extra dollars(up to $30), it’s a great investement.

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Let’s discuss the build


Computer Case

For this, I’ve used a rosewill case, mainly because they are cheap and do their job properly. There aren’t many options here, and besides we want to focus our money on things that matter more, like a better graphic card.


Power Supply

We will get it from EVGA as they make pretty solid PSUs at a decent price. This particular one is the W1 model which offers 430w.

Enough for our build and you’ll still have enough power for some small upgrades, althought, if you plan to make a major upgrade, like getting a gtx 1070 or something like that, you’ll have to change it.



Embrace the freshly released kaby lake “dedicated” motherboards.Honestly, I wouldn’t normally recommend this over a sky lake motherboard, as this is a little bit more expensive.

Unfortunately, due to the potential BIOS problems that you might get as you might not get the latest update(on the skylake ones), I’ve decided to choose this path.



You know or you should know that 8GB ram is pretty standard these days, especially since some games will lag due to lack of memory.

When you don’t have enough Ram, computer will start to cache data on the disk. Irregardless of using an hdd or ssd, they are really slower compared to memory Ram, hence the stuttering effect.

Graphic Card

We can afford a gtx 1050 ti which offers some nice extra juice compared to its little brother, non-ti version.

I won’t get in detail here, but you should take a look at the below table chart to see how much can output in your favourite titles.

Hard Disk

A 320gb Hard drive is in my opinion enough for your build. Trust me, you don’t want to sacrifice $20-25$ worth of perfomance, to get a 1TB.

After all, what’s the point to have big storage, when you jeopardize quite a lot of strength?


Please allow me to introduce, la cream de la cream, Pentium G4560. Seriously, I don’t know what intel was thinking when they released a pentium with 4 threads( that’s 1:1 with i3 6100).

It looks like they’ve shot themselves in their feet with this decision, but who cares? We, customers will greatly benefit from this. Best budget CPU hands down.

Practical examples


Putting all the pieces together

This is probably the biggest barrier(after the money of course) which stays between you and your beloved gaming machine.

Luckily, there are many tutorials over the internet which help you to bring it to life.

It may take a couple hours to grasp all that information and apply it, but trust me, you’ll thank me later.

If you feel like it’s too fast for you, then you should google “build new pc newegg” and look for “How to build a pc-part 1 “, but that one is much longer.


Extra perks

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Windows copy is not included in this build because I really don’t think that you can afford 100 extra bucks. So try to ask a friend or someone to give you a legit copy.

You can try to go on the “dark path” and crack it, although I personally don’t encourage this type of behaviour.



Congratulation for reaching this section. Now you have a better grasp on how to build you own gaming machine on a limited budget.

Didn’t covered something in tutorial? Please feel free to drop a question below.



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