About Me

I know that you don’t care much about me, but since other websites have an area like this, and since I want to make it more personal, then I’ll add a little stuff about me.

A bit about me

I’m a 20 old year guy, passionate about video games. I started using a computer since I was 6 and it was love at first sight. Since then, I learned much stuff about computers.

Only recently I dabbed into this whole gaming thing, where I learned about different stuff such as GDDR, memory, texel rate, etc. , things that you probably won’t need to learn about.

How Pro Computer Tips was born…

I’ve told to myself: I know quite a lot of stuff about it, so why wouldn’t I just start a website and help other people create their rig from scratch.

Also, did you know that by buying a pre-built machine, you’ll spend more money?It’s pretty obvious that there would be no point in creating a branded one for free, but you’ve probably didn’t know that their price can significantly surpass the cost if you’d pay someone to build it for you.

Again, you don’t need to learn technical or fancy terms, all you’ve gotta do is to simply follow my guideline for the specific build depending on your budget, and voila! You get the best or close to the best bang of your buck.

Disclaimer: Prices will fluctuate on a regular basis, so a $300 build might turn into a $400 one(rare instance). Please don’t roast me because of it as I have no control over how amazon chooses the prices.